As Form CRS Compliance Date Nears, Approaches to Meet Challenge Coming Into Focus

Form CRS, the sleeping giant, awakens!

Investment advisers and broker dealers are turning their attention to planning for Form CRS, training and developing procedures to implement the SEC’s new rule and related interpretive releases. CSS developed Form CRS Automator, a software tool, to streamline the process. It allows teams to quickly produce compliant and accurate information while correctly interpreting the SEC’s strict Form CRS instructions – saving valuable time and reducing risk of non-compliant content that does not align with other regulatory filings.

“Where to start?” and “What are other firms doing?” are frequent questions we hear from firms. Providing a compliant framework, with built-in mandatory aspects embedded, is a real life saver. Frequent questions roll in daily, such as questions related to disclosure documents which can be embedded, as well as challenges surrounding Conversation Starters.

How does a rep respond to whether they have disciplinary history responses and for what type of conduct? Another highlighted concern is establishing oversight controls. The new rules require training of financial professionals, updating procedures, and getting it all in place by June 30—knowing that this is a focus topic of the SEC’s and FINRA’s 2020 priorities. The Form CRS Automator tool and related services offered by CSS make the new requirements manageable.

Need help? Here are a few great resources:

  • Register for our free Feb. 26 ComplianceCast webinar: “The Ultimate Guide to Form CRS & Sneak Peek at the Market’s First Solution,” by clicking here.
  • Check out Form CRS Automator, the market’s first software tool designed for the challenge.
  • Contact us for additional Form CRS help.


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