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About Longboat Analytics

Longboat Analytics is the name of the analytics division within Compliance Solutions Strategies (CSS), previously known as MoneyMate. We specialise in capturing data on investment funds and adding value through the provision of analytics tools, website solutions and aggregated data feeds. We provide data and analytics to asset managers, life companies, wealth managers and financial advisers that helps them back up the advice they give to their clients.


We believe that Irish financial advisers should have access to independent, complete and accurate market data & analytics in order for you to provide the best possible advice to your clients. We feel that the subscription fee to an analytics tool should not be a barrier to providing clients with effective advice.

In order to allow as many financial brokers as possible get access to the best market data, Longboat Analytics has decided to provide Irish financial brokers with subscription-free access to our flagship Fund Focus analytics website, subject to some terms & conditions.

While there is no subscription fee due, we do require each financial broker to commit to the following:

  • Register with Longboat Analytics (below) to receive your Fund Focus user login
  • Complete our quarterly online questionnaire
  • Accept regular e-mail communications from us (e.g. newsletter, release notes etc.)
  • That’s all.

Do Not Worry!

  • Our quarterly questionnaires will not be too onerous. We know your time is precious
  • We will not become your largest SPAM provider

The Longboat Analytics Charter

  • Longboat Analytics is fully committed to the ongoing development of Fund Focus. So much so, we are setting up a broker steering group to drive our development priorities
  • We are fully committed to having the best quality data on funds in the Irish market. We want to provide you with data both you and your clients can trust. We will use our broker steering group to help lobby the fund companies to provide more transparent product data
  • We will continue to use our Investment Committee (with representatives on board from each of the main life companies) to continue to drive through standards around the calculation of fund performance, risk profiles, fund classification and charges

Our new business model is a win-win for all involved:

  • The Irish broker market will get subscription-free access to a comprehensive analytics tool supplied by an Irish company dedicated to providing the best quality investment data & analytics in the market
  • Through the sponsorship of the roll out of Fund Focus to the broker market, Fund companies are able to give something back to their largest revenue channel
  • With the broad use of Longboat Analytics’ data & analytics within the Irish broker market, there will be much more demand for more transparent and comprehensive data on fund companies’ products
  • With Fund Focus being widely used by the Irish broker market, Longboat Analytics will be able to provide fund companies with extensive aggregated market information statistics on how their funds are being used – allowing them to design their products to meet brokers investment needs.

Fund Focus

Fund Focus is an easy to use, online fund analytics tool that allows financial brokers back up the advice they give to their clients. Fund Focus replaces our “MoneyMate Interactive” website that has been used in the Irish market for the last 15 years. Designed with ‘ease of use’ as a priority, this responsive designed website allows brokers to track fund performance and risk, along with the ability to create and monitor model portfolios.

Functionality highlights include:

  • Compare Fund Performance Gross of Annual Management Charges (AMCs)
    Avoid inaccurate performance comparisons by comparing performance on a Gross of AMC basis. This caters for situations where some fund companies include the full AMC in their fund prices while others only include a partial AMC, with the remainder being taken by monthly unit deduction.
  • Screen funds based on their ESMA risk profile, performance, fund rating and volatility
    Our Advanced Search functionality allows you to screen funds based on their ESMA risk profile and then to filter the funds down further by their performance and/or volatility statistics. This allows you to see the funds that match your custom criteria. You can also filter funds by the fund manager’s risk profile where they differ to ESMA.
  • Create and monitor Model Portfolios
    Create a model portfolio using selected funds or indices. See the portfolio’s aggregated exposure to equities, property, bonds etc where asset split information is available for your chosen funds.
  • Dynamic Fund Fact Sheets
    Build your own Fund Fact Sheets – include the panels you want displayed. Link through to the official fund company fact sheet.
  • Risk Snapshot
    Have the conversation with your client around their ‘capacity for loss’ by showing them the risk snapshot of the chosen fund. This report displays the funds risk profile and rating along with its annual max drawdown over the last 10 years of its existence. It’s a useful tool for verifying you are putting them into a suitable risk profile.

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