Iceberg Ahead: Navigating Regulatory Change

In this episode, former Chief Compliance Officer and CSS’s Senior Consultant Ariana Monchick joins Natalie Silverman to talk about the biggest challenge facing CCOs today – regulatory change. With the expanding scope of global regulations demanding constant improvement and agility, how do compliance teams anticipate change?


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About Our Moderator:

Natalie Silverman serves as CSS’s Chief Marketing Officer. A leading FinTech specialist, Natalie has over 17 years of go-to-market and strategic expertise in financial services, SaaS, media and news. Most recently she has helped to build innovation labs across startups and enterprises.

About Our Guest Speaker:

Ariana Monchick is a Senior Consultant for CSS’s compliance services team, and offers broad expertise on securities and investment advisory regulations. Ariana’s experience working in senior compliance positions at various financial services firms allows her to offer effective and comprehensive compliance solutions while maintaining a big-picture orientation. She has established a strong background in developing robust compliance programs for organizations and partnering with business leaders to mitigate risk. Most recently, Ariana was an Advisory Chief Compliance Officer for Cetera Financial Group, one of the largest family of independent broker-dealers in the United States. She was also the Chief Compliance Officer for Legend Advisory Corporation, a registered investment adviser that services the 403(b) retirement plan market.