Monitoring the Fast-Changing Sensitive Industries Landscape

In this episode, CSS’s EU Regulatory Counsel Marye Cherry and Regulatory Compliance Expert Greg Hotaling discuss the complexities around sensitive industries, the recent changes to rules and the impact that COVID-19 has had on global threshold management.


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About our Guest Speakers:

Marye Cherry

Marye is the EU Regulatory Counsel in the Amsterdam office of CSS. With more than 10 years of legal and compliance experience, Marye specializes in transparency and regulatory reporting issues in the financial services industry. At CSS, Marye focuses on European financial regulations that affect fund managers’ operations worldwide and helps translate those requirements into automated reporting solutions.

Greg Hotaling

Greg is a Regulatory Compliance Expert at CSS, addressing global regulatory matters relevant to the financial industry. Since its inception, Greg has led the regulatory research and content team for Signal, the Global Threshold Management platform that facilitates compliance with shareholder disclosure and position limit rules around the world.