Brexit: Deal or No Deal?

In this special Brexit episode, CSS’s Chief Product Officer Ronan Brennan sits down with the authority on global financial services legislation and Vice Chair of Financial Services at KPMG UK, Dr. Kay Swinburne. With the UK and EU not reaching a trade agreement on October 15, the EU summit is expected to push for negotiations to continue in the coming weeks. Kay speaks about what’s next for Brexit, and what regulatory divergence could look like.


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About Our Guest Speakers:

Ronan Brennan is the Chief Product Officer at Compliance Solutions Strategies (CSS). In his role, he has direct responsibility for the strategic evolution of the global suite of CSS products and regulatory content. Managing product in CSS involves ensuring the product suite is ready to support both the current and future compliance management and regulatory reporting needs of investment management and advisory firms globally. Ronan participates as a speaker in many industry events each year, in addition to publishing a company blog and development of thought leadership materials. Ronan has 26 years of experience in the technology sector, 21 of which have been spent in the investment data management and regulatory reporting space.

Dr. Kay Swinburne is Vice Chair of Financial Services KPMG UK, and previously served as Vice Chair of the European Parliament’s influential Economics and Monetary Affairs Committee, playing a pivotal role in shaping EU and global financial services legislation, including setting up the EU supervisory bodies (ESAs, SSM, SRM), capital markets union (EMIR, MiFID II, Prospectus, CCP Recovery & Resolution), and the broader banking union files. Prior to Kay’s career as an MEP, Kay worked in investment banking. Kay brings a unique insight to policy ‘behind the scenes’ and the reality of Brexit in the aftermath of 31 January 2020.