California Love for Data Privacy

In this episode, CSS’s Director of Cyber IT Services E.J Yerzak speaks with Chair of the Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice at Mintz Cynthia Larose to continue Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The California Consumer Privacy Act or CCPA is the first law in the US to set up a comprehensive set of rules around consumer data, akin to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Since going into effect January 1, 2020, industry and privacy advocates have been battling over the fine print. Is it just another compliance requirement or is it going to drive real change towards greater protection of consumer’s privacy and data?


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About Our Guest Speakers:

E.J. Yerzak CISA®, CISM®, CRISC™ assists firms in assessing and managing their cybersecurity risk – from network vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to onsite cybersecurity assessments and assistance in implementing the NIST cybersecurity framework. E.J. has authored articles and alerts on emerging regulatory and technology issues, and is regularly requested to speak as a cybersecurity expert at industry conferences.

Cynthia Larose, CIPP-US, CIPP-E, is Chair of the Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice at Mintz. Cynthia has extensive experience in privacy, data security, and information management matters, including state, federal, and international laws and regulations on the use of transfer of information, data security breach compliance and incident response, and data breach incident response planning, as well as data transfers in the context of mergers and acquisition and technology transactions.