Time to Hit the Form CRS Panic Button?

Don’t panic, CSS’s “Time to Hit the Form CRS Panic Button” ComplianceCast webinar, recorded on May 28 at 2:00 pm EDT will help you meet the deadline quickly and efficiently and answer any last minute questions you have.

  • The Form CRS Automator will create a Form CRS that meets regulatory requirements without having to complete long profile questionnaires or interviews about what your RIA or BD does.
  • Whether you’re an RIA, Broker-Dealer or Dual Registrant, we have the required 2 or 4-page document templates and special requirements for each audience.
  • Our guidance documents will navigate you through the process of completing Form CRS, often in as little as an hour.


Jacqueline Hallihan
Executive Director, Compliance Solutions Strategies

Keith Marks
Executive Director, Compliance Solutions Strategies

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