Tobias Degsell to Discuss ‘The Art of Data’ at CSS 2020 Regulatory Compliance Forum

Tobias Degsell

For years, Tobias Degsell served as a curator and museum educator at the Nobel Prize Museum, an institution renowned for its highlighting of creativity in the modern era, technological advances, and a focus on the future.

These days, he travels around the world to speak to business organizations about innovation and growth.

On March 5, 2020, he will deliver a feature presentation at the CSS 2020 Regulatory Compliance Forum entitled: “The Art of Data: Is the Definition of Intelligence the Ability to Adapt to Change?”

As organizations around the world know, data is more plentiful than ever, and the corresponding regulations that govern that data continue to expand. How are these processes best managed, both presently and in the future? For now, philosophies differ based upon industries, approaches, even personalities, even as they remain crucial to a business’s growth.

CSS is an organization driven by data and backed by service. We were recently honored with an inclusion to the RegTech 100 for 2020, a list recognizing the world’s most innovative RegTech companies. Our solutions help mitigate vendor risk by allowing clients to address a range of regulatory compliance requirements.

Join us in London to hear more about Tobias Degsell’s views on data, as well as how your peers are addressing the challenge. For more information on the London event, click any of the following links:

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